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KCP&L Invites You to the 32nd Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo

Extending this welcome to let everyone know this year’s 32nd Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo is being held in Kansas City on Saturday, Oct. 17. This is a unique event for the industry, KCP&L, and Kansas City in general. As many of you know, KCP&L was one of the co-founders of the rodeo, which has since grown into an international event. A couple of key goals of the rodeo are to focus on safe work practices while showcasing and educating others on the methods and skills required to perform line work.

Please plan to join us for some outdoor fun and a very interesting experience. Also, want to be sure and specifically state that I appreciate everyone’s participation and support in making this event happen so thanks to all those already putting in many hours to make it a success.

Thanks and please have a safe day,

Duane Anstaett, PE
Vice President – Delivery
Kansas City Power and Light


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