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North American Training Solutions Announces Upcoming Training Opportunities

May 2, 2023
The classes are focused on empowering educators and teaching leadership skills.

North American Training Solutions is offering two online courses with start dates in May and July. 

Empower the Educator
This program is a professional development opportunity for current supervisors, leaders, managers and trainers who are interested in honing their leadership and training skills. Master instructors will teach students empowering education techniques in an upcoming four-day online learning experience spanning the course of four weeks. Participants will be inspired to think differently, understand the “why” and break down personal barriers to unleash the educators within them to rise to their ultimate potential. The Empower the Educator course is scheduled for May 23, 25 and 30 and June 1. Register here

Women Lead: Discovering Your Path Forward
Women who have a primary role in a leadership position or are working to improve their leadership skills can attend this course. An all-female team of instructors helps participants discover their path to improving how they lead in this three-day online learning experience spanning the course of three weeks. Attendees will be inspired to think differently while drawing from all learning styles to identify, enhance and hone their best personal skillset in all aspects of their lives. Classes are scheduled for July 11, 13 and 18. 

Attendees will learn:

  • Leadership skills and techniques; including recognizing other’s perspectives, conflict resolution techniques, and communication skills
  • Personal strengths; including building confidence, equality, and work/life balance
  • Self-awareness; including coherence and resiliency

Attendees who complete the course will receive a NATS-issued Women Lead Certificate of Completion. Register here

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