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Line Life Podcast: Monitoring and Mitigating Flashovers on Transmission Lines

March 18, 2022
Manitoba Hydro's Jeffrey Laninga shares his utility's experience studying flashovers on HVDC lines in the March 2022 podcast.

Lineworkers constructed high voltage direct current (HVDC) lines to transmit power over long distances in Manitoba, Canada. As soon as Manitoba Hydro constructed the Bipole I and II HVDC lines, the utility detected unexplained flashovers, which are electrical discharges from energized conductors to ground.

These flashovers occurred mainly in the remote northern portion of its service territory, in the afternoon or early evening, during the summer months, mainly from July to August, and only on the negative poles during steady-state conditions with no switching surge. 

In our March 2022 Line Life podcast, Field Editor Amy Fischbach interviews Jeff Laninga, live line and electrical effect section head at Manitoba Hydro, about how the utility is monitoring and mitigating the flashovers. Also, look for a feature story in the April 2022 Electric Utility Operations section about the research project. 

To listen to the podcast, click on the link below. You can also visit the podcast landing page or send us an email with your comments on this episode. 

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