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Safety One Training Features Wood Pole Climbing Course

Aug. 6, 2021
Training is available at an indoor facility Aug. 11-12, 2021, in Littleton, Colorado.

For linemen, learning how to climb wood poles is one of the fundamental skills of line work. Safety One Training is offering a two-day class Aug. 11-12 in Littleton, Colorado, at its indoor facility. During the course, the students will learn the following skills:

  • Wood Pole Fall Restriction
  • Climbing Techniques
  • Equipment Inspection and Maintenance
  • Pole and Site Inspection
  • Gaff Sharpening and Inspection
  • Pre-planning and Rescue

To register for the class or learn more about how to schedule a private session, visit the Web site or email the company. You can also view the video clip below. 

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