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Canada Shows Appreciation for Lineworkers

July 17, 2020
The Canadian Electricity Association set aside July 10 to honor its country's lineworkers.

Not only the United States, but also Canada, celebrated National Lineworker Day on July 10, 2020. The  Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) marked this day to honor the highly trained men and women who keep electricity flowing across Canada.

Lineworkers are the brave individuals who maintain complex electricity grids across cities, provinces and territories. Often faced with working in extreme conditions, lineworkers are trained to work efficiently, safely and collaboratively to keep the lights on, according to the association.

“This year, we have learned that it is no longer just downed lines, damaged generators or cyber-attacks that can dramatically disrupt the modern lifestyle Canadians have grown accustomed to. Health threats are equally, if not more, damaging,” said Francis Bradley, president and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association. “Over the last number of months as many transformed their homes into classrooms, meeting spaces and care centers, lineworkers worked in the field to deliver the electricity required to meet these new demands.”

In appreciation for their commitment to serve fellow Canadians, CEA continues to recognize and support these men and women by celebrating National Lineworker Appreciation Day on July 10 every year. Lineworkers are providing a vital commodity to keep individuals and businesses connected and shown us the true spirit of what it means to power through together.

“If the power goes out, you never think ‘if’ the power will come back on; you think ‘when’ the power will come back on. It takes thousands of dedicated, hard-working people on the job 24/7 to keep the lights on,” said Sarah Robinson, Director of Communications and Marketing at the Canadian Electricity Association. “Every time we flick on the light switch, we should take a moment to thank our local lineworkers.”

Every day, lineworkers are installing new technologies to modernize the electricity grid, and they are among the first responders when storms and natural disasters strike our communities. Canadians can take comfort to know these men and women are always there for them while helping transition towards a more sustainable economy, the association stated. 

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