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Training Courses Teach Chainsaw and Cutting Techniques

Jan. 16, 2020
North American Training Solutions offers courses to help utility professionals to improve safety when operating a chainsaw.

According to North American Training Solutions, chainsaws are one of the most common yet hazardous tools used by all outdoor industries including arborists, utility workers, forestry professionals, trail maintenance workers, municipalities, oil and gas workers, sawyers, landscapers, and first responders. 

What makes chainsaws unique is the fact that the bar and chain cannot be guarded as with most other saws, which requires specialty personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as a high level of competency by the workers that use them. Whether felling a tree or performing tree maintenance, knowing how to safely and efficiently use a chainsaw in any industry is a must.

North American Training Solutions' chainsaw and cutting techniques courses are designed to educate personnel about PPE, safety, operation, handling, proficiency, and maintenance. Chainsaw and Cutting Techniques course offerings:

  • Chainsaw Safety and Cutting Techniques
  • Technical Tree Cutting and Felling
  • Hazard and Danger Tree Cutting and Felling
  • Aerial Chainsaw Safety and Cutting Techniques

All courses comply with Federal and State OSHA regulations as well as ISO, ANSI, ASTM, and NFPA applicable standards for industries served. Visit the Web site to review more details on its Chainsaw and Cutting Techniques course offerings, or contact the company to schedule your chainsaw training.

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