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JCP&L Completes Projects to Protect Ospreys in New Jersey

May 10, 2017
Birds Returning to Nests Relocated from At-Risk Areas

As part of an environmental program to protect at-risk ospreys, Jersey Central Power & Light line workers relocated seven existing nests to new, nearby platforms that were installed in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

To date, a dozen ospreys have returned to relocated nests in Bayville, Monmouth Beach, Oceanport, Ocean Township and Spring Lake Heights.

By using pre-made nesting platforms, combined with JCP&L's expertise in setting new poles, company personnel were able to do most of the work relocating the osprey nests. JCP&L line workers also created specialized parts that were added to electrical equipment to help discourage ospreys from making new nests in potentially hazardous locations or perching on energized lines. 

The platforms and parts were built to meet New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection specifications.

The work was done as part of a comprehensive program that involved JCP&L surveying all locations where ospreys had started nesting, or gave indications of future nesting.  The goal of the program was to move the nests before the birds were injured or caused an interruption of service to customers.

JCP&L plans to continue similar surveying work throughout the year to identify additional osprey nests that could be at risk.

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