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Top 5 Smart Grid Trends to Watch in 2014: Mid-Year Report Card

Top 5 Smart Grid Trends to Watch in 2014: Mid-Year Report Card

Last Jan. 9, I listed the top five trends in the smart grid arena I thought would bear watching in 2014, and on April 10, I promised you a July update on those five trends.  Here it is.

And in case one of those trends has become a hot button for you, this is a convenient summary of this half-year’s news items on that trend.

There have been twelve issues of The Smarter Grid (TSG) issued in January through June.  Those issues contained a total of 156 news items.  Here’s how those 156 items relate to my top five trends:

1. Smart meter roll-outs will continue worldwide.
TSG related news items: 23 (15%):

2. Managed services, also called subscription-based services or software-as-a-service (SaaS), will increase. 
TSG related news items: 8 (5%).

3. Demand response activity will increase, not just for the traditional industrial customers, but commercial and even residential customers, as every customer becomes enabled by the smart grid.
TSG related news items: 8 (5%).

4. Both new back office systems and front office systems, such as customer information systems (CIS), will be installed to leverage smart grid data. 
TSG related news items: 15 (10%).

5. Security systems for the smart grid will improve, not just to prevent cyber attacks, but to address the privacy concerns of the average customer.
TSG related news items: 6 (4%).

The total number of TSG news items related to these five trends is 60 (38% of 156).  Hopefully, this summary will be helpful to many of you.


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