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SDG&E Hiring Amid Record Unemployment in San Diego

June 15, 2020
SDG&E launches recruitment awareness campaign to support local economic recovery.

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has launched a public awareness campaign to publicize job openings and recruit as many local candidates as possible to fill open positions. This is part of the company's ongoing efforts to support San Diego's economic recovery.

The SDG&E has continued hiring new employees amid the pandemic, not just to fill positions that have opened up because of natural attrition, but also because the company and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 465 adopted a joint plan earlier this year for new multiyear hiring, training and apprenticeship programs. These programs are designed to help develop a highly specialized and skilled workforce to complete critical infrastructure projects needed to enhance wildfire safety, upgrade natural gas pipelines, and expand the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure needed for zero emission transportation.

The recruitment awareness campaign is expected to begin on June 15 with the first of a series of chats with company recruiters on the SDG&E's Instagram channel. Chats will occur through the end of the month. Each chat will feature a human resources (HR) representative specializing in particular areas of recruitment. The HR representatives will also offer interview and resumé tips.

The schedule of upcoming chats is as follows:

  • Recruitment Chat 1: June 15, 2 p.m.: Entry-level gas and electric workers — how to apply for line assistants and laborer roles
  • Recruitment Chat 2: June 22, 2 p.m.: Learn more about becoming a call center representative
  • Recruitment Chat 3: June 25, 2 p.m.: More about careers in the energy field, including at the SDG&E
  • Recruitment Chat 4: June 29, 2 p.m.: Meet SDG&E's college recruiting team and learn how to apply at the SDG&E early

In addition to social media outreach, the SDG&E will be reaching out to community-based organizations to help publicize its openings. The company is also working with local community leaders and elected officials to amplify awareness of these opportunities.

Over the next three years, the SDG&E plans to hire for nearly 150 entry-level positions, while investing in six lineman apprenticeship classes, six line assistant classes, three electrician assistant classes, and specialized training for welding and other high-skilled trades. In total, this new plan is expected to result in the hiring or significant upskilling of 400 to 500 represented positions.

Latest job openings are posted here.

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