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Scholarship to Support New Workforce Development

March 4, 2020
Entergy Texas is donating US$50,000 for the development of the next generation of lineworkers.

Entergy Texas is donating US$50,000 to the Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT) Foundation for student scholarships, to ensure that the next generation of lineworkers is ready to keep Southeast Texas powered. The Entergy Utility Line Technology Scholarship will provide 25 scholarships over the next five years to LIT students in the Utility Line Technology program.

The Utility Line Technology program at LIT prepares students to work in the power line industry as apprentice lineworkers. The curriculum includes the design and function of electric generation, transmission and distribution (T&D) systems, substations, transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, system protection, and metering. Students learn to climb utility poles, handle highly energized utility lines and be eligible to earn a Texas commercial driver’s license.

“Having a trained and skilled workforce is vital to not only Entergy Texas’ success, but also the communities we serve,” said Sallie Rainer, president and CEO of Entergy Texas, Inc. “Our lineworkers play such a huge part in powering life in Southeast Texas. It’s critical for Entergy Texas to invest in the next generation of lineworkers.”

According to LIT, the employment outlook for this career is strong with an expected 18.2% job growth over the next five years (2020 to 2025). This is because 40% of the current workforce is over the age of 45 years.

 “Approximately 61% of the students enrolled at LIT receive some financial aid to assist with tuition fees and other course expenses,” said Dr. Lonnie L. Howard, president of LIT. “We’re thankful for partners like Entergy Texas, who are committed to supporting the workforce of tomorrow.”

The Utility Line Technology program is a 32-week program taught at the Robinson Center in Silsbee, Texas. Students who successfully complete the recommended program will receive a certificate in utility line technology.

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