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AEP Ohio Launches Energy Star Benchmarking Program

American Electric Power has launched a new tool that provides business customers with an automated way to benchmark their buildings against the ENERGY STAR performance of similar facilities.

The energy and sustainability management platform allows business customers to easily enroll their facilities online. Each facility’s energy profile is made available to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, allowing facilities to receive an ENERGY STAR benchmarking score through a streamlined process.

Customers also can manage their portfolio through a web portal, which allows them to compare their facility’s profile to similar facilities and use data to understand the effectiveness of energy efficiency improvements.

“We’re thrilled to deliver this innovative program to our business customers,” said Julie Sloat, AEP Ohio president and chief operating officer. “This program will help our customers automate a traditionally complicated process and allow us to better understand the impact of energy efficiency in our region. These combined efforts will help AEP Ohio and our business customers target energy efficiency projects where they’re needed most.”

AEP highlights the following benefits for its customers considering enrolling:

  • Automated ENERGY STAR scoring via streamlined data collection
  • At-a-glance historical usage data, visualized with interactive charts
  • Customers can make data-driven decisions about where to invest in energy efficiency efforts
  • Ability to see the impact of energy efficiency efforts over time
  • ENERGY STAR data shows that buildings consistently benchmarked over a four year period average 2.4 percent in annualized savings

The portal for AEP’s Autobenchmarking program for Business customers is at this link.

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