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Trilliant Surpasses Delivery of 750,000 Intelligent Devices

Trilliant Inc. has now delivered more than 750,000 devices with integrated intelligent communications supporting advanced metering, demand response and other smart grid applications.

"This level of adoption is more than simply an important milestone for Trilliant, implementing more than 750,000 advanced metering and other grid devices represents a tipping point in the maturation of the smart grid," said Bill Vogel, president and CEO of Trilliant. "As energy costs continue to escalate, and as we approach another hot summer season, it's gratifying to see such demonstrable progress in addressing the world's energy challenges; chief among them being the reduction of carbon emissions."

The smart grid is a combination of hardware, management and reporting software, built atop an intelligent communications infrastructure. In the world of the smart grid, consumers and utility companies alike have tools to manage, monitor and respond to energy issues. The flow of electricity from utility to consumer becomes a two-way conversation, saving consumers' money, delivering more transparency to end-user usage to the utilities, and reducing carbon emissions. In some cases, consumers could even be compensated for their efforts to minimize their carbon footprint; even to the point where consumers can sell the energy generated through renewable sources at home back to utility companies.

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