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Telvent Signs Upgrade Contracts with North American Utilities

Telvent GIT has signed contracts with Southern California Gas Company (SoCal) and Epcor Transmission Inc. (Epcor) to upgrade the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems at both utilities.

Telvent will upgrade the SCADA system it had previously installed for SoCal’s gas system control center with its latest proprietary OASyS DNA technology. Telvent has also been awarded a contract to upgrade the existing SCADA system used by Epcor Transmission Inc.

Commenting on the significance of these projects, Manuel Sánchez Ortega, chairman and chief executive officer of Telvent, said, "Telvent’s technology has contributed and will continue to contribute to the efficient and secure operation of SoCal and will increase system security at Epcor.”

SoCal is a division of Sempra Energy in San Diego, California, a natural gas distribution utility. SoCal currently serves more than 19 million people in more than 530 communities in Los Angeles, California.

Epcor is a Canadian company that distributes electric energy to Canadian and North American customers in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, and the state of Washington. Telvent’s technology will enable increased system security, and will be compatible with existing systems from other providers, implying lower operating costs for electric company.

OASyS DNA technology provides the means of combining Telvent’s products and services with those of its customers, partners, and competitors, to provide a tailored solution that meets the end user’s needs. This technology provides the ability to blend existing tools, new custom applications, and SCADA so that RealTime data may be fed into day-to-day operations, business and planning activities efficiently.

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