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SynTel Expands Mailroom Optimization to Utilities

SynTel LLC now offers utilities the same automated services for streamlining the creation and delivery of customer communications that financial institutions have used for 12 years.

One of the largest cost centers in most utilities is the printing, sorting and mailing of customer statements and notifications. With postage rates increasing on a regular basis, utilities need tools to improve the process of creating effective statements, sorting files and maximizing bulk postage rates. SynTel’s AutoMail and MailStream Manager provide the software needed to save an average of 25 percent on postage, eliminate time-wasting metering and maximize printing rates from data files.

SynTel’s mail optimization solution, AutoMail, reduces postage expense by up to 25 percent through bar-coding, presorting, calculating weight and postage and eliminating the need for postage meters. SynTel also offers MailStream Manager to enhance the design of customer communications and improve the workflow, both by mail and electronically.

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