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Silver Spring Networks Open Sources Smart Energy Education

Silver Spring Networks has open-sourced its smart energy education program, known as "A Smart Energy Future," to educators, parents and students worldwide. Leveraging the open Curriki platform, Silver Spring’s energy curriculum – one of the first comprehensive educational resources designed to increase the public’s understanding of energy efficiency – will be made available under a Creative Commons license at www.Curriki.org. Curriki is a nationally recognized non-profit organization focused on improving K-12 education through technology with a global community of teachers, students, administrators and parents from 194 countries worldwide.

The Smart Energy Future curriculum is one component of Silver Spring’s “Connect Transform” program, which helps its utility customers educate a diverse group of consumer audiences on the importance of energy efficiency, the benefits of the smart grid, and how it will meaningfully impact their lives. As utilities modernize their energy infrastructure, integrate renewable energy sources and empower consumer choice, it is increasingly imperative to engage and educate end-consumers on the role they can play in driving energy efficiency.

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