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Salt River Project Goes Live with OSI EMS Technology in Record Time

Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) was awarded a contract by the Salt River Project (SRP) of Phoenix, Arizona, to supply SRP’s next-generation Energy Management System (EMS) in June 2006. The proposed system is based on OSI’s monarch distributed open architecture and includes Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Automatic Generation Control and Dispatch (AGC), Historical Information System, Transmission Network Analysis, ICCP communications, and interfaces with CAISO, WECC and various enterprise systems. The project implementation was based on OSI’s Rapid Project Methodology (RPM) and was
accomplished according to plan, in a record completion time of 10 months. The system underwent field commissioning activities and was cutover on March 29, 2007, replacing SRP's legacy EMS system.

SRP provides electricity to more than 890,000 customers in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. It is part of the critical Southwestern transmission grid that includes large inter-area transfers due to the unprecedented growth in the Southwestern United States. This growth and mandated new industry regulations necessitate a modern and reliable open system solution that not only supports large transmission and generation monitoring and control operations, but also provides for more frequent, seamless and less cumbersome technology upgrades.

“As promised, OSI’s team worked diligently to meet SRP’s stringent time constraints prior to the upcoming high load period. The result achieved was the culmination of great team work and cooperation between OSI and SRP
project teams. We congratulate both teams for achieving such a remarkable result in an industry typically plagued by schedule overruns and delays. OSI is definitely proud of this world-class EMS implementation in record time,”
said Bahman Hoveida, president and CEO of OSI.

“This was a large, successful effort for both OSI and SRP. We have never replaced or upgraded a SCADA, AGC, and Network Application system in 10 months before. Both sides should be congratulated on this outstanding
achievement and have my thanks for a job well done,” said Gary Harper, systems operations manager of SRP.

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