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Reykjavik Energy Selects ClickSoftware to Streamline Workforce Management

Iceland's largest utility provider has selected ClickSoftware's ServiceOptimization Suite to consolidate management of its workforce, increase field technicians' productivity, decrease costs, increase quality of service and strengthen customer relationships. Orkuveita Reykjavikur (OR) is deploying ClickSchedule, ClickMobile, ClickLocate and ClickAnalyze to ensure efficient and effective service delivery for more than half of Iceland's population in the Reykjavik region. Together, ClickSchedule, ClickMobile and ClickLocate establish the foundation for the real-time service enterprise, providing continuous real-time optimization of the service delivery process. This minimizes travel time, improves response during emergency situations, maximizes technicians' productivity and, ultimately, increases revenues.

OR is an independent utility service owned by the city of Reykjavik, Akranes town and Borgarbygg municipality. It distributes electricity, hot water from natural geothermal reservoirs and geysers for heating, cold water for consumption and fire fighting, data communications, and sewage management. The company had been using a manual system to manage scheduling for its field technicians for all of its lines of business. But as the company grew, this system became increasingly inefficient as engineers would have to return to their base after completing jobs to get their next assignments. OR chose ClickSoftware because its products provide the integrated management to optimize its workforce now and in the future and had the proven track record to deliver this successfully into their business.

"Efficiency and productivity are critical to our continued plans for growth and profitability," said Loftur Gissurarson, OR's Quality Manager and Future projects. "ClickSoftware products will help us centralize workforce management while ensuring better productivity and reduced costs so that we increase customer satisfaction and revenues."

OR will use ClickSchedule to automatically schedule its field technicians' day, ensuring the company sends the right engineer with the right skills to the right job at the right time. ClickMobile will connect workers in the field to headquarters giving them up-to-the-minute scheduling changes as well as a paperless means of receiving and reporting on work completed to improve efficiency. ClickLocate will enable dispatchers to see and make decisions based on real-time information about where engineers are in the field.

To enable business activity monitoring, OR will use ClickAnalyze business analysis and reporting software. ClickAnalyze will provide a holistic view of everything from on-time arrivals to repair times, while allowing managers to track service level indicators like resource travel, workload, utilization, and "in jeopardy" management. OR will use this information to address any issues and continue to increase customer satisfaction.

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