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Reliant Implements Next-Generation Interactive Initiatives

Reliant Energy has selected Schematic to develop and implement the Houston power company’s next-generation interactive initiatives as Digital Agency of Record. Run out of the firm’s Austin office, the Reliant account marks Schematic’s entry into the energy category.

For the Reliant account, Schematic will develop a multi-platform digital program that allows customers to better manage their energy usage with a suite of powerful, yet intuitive online tools. The initiative encompasses technology application design and Website development with the goal of empowering customers to be smarter and more informed energy users. Schematic will also create an overall branding campaign for Reliant including message development, interactive advertising, social media outreach and strategic partnerships, and will collaborate closely with Reliant’s traditional media and marketing agencies.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the major impact their energy choices have. Not just on their bills at the end of the month, but on critical macroeconomic and international policy issues,” said Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Schematic. “By providing a digital solution that combines a more transparent accounting of energy usage with tools to manage power consumption, energy companies can satisfy consumer demand for energy conscious choices while simultaneously building stronger relationships with their customers. We are excited to be one of the first digital agencies to break into the energy category with our work for Reliant and believe that their customers are going to be blown away by the new capabilities.”

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