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Grid Explorer

Program Simplifies Power System Challenges with Immersive 3-D Visualization Tools

Transforms How Utilities Explore, Deploy and Maintain Their Modern Electric Grids Expansive, Interactive 3-D Power System Simplifies Complex Engineering Concepts, Helps Utilities Identify and Learn about New Transmission and Distribution Technologies Solution Debuted at 2014 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition

GE’s Digital Energy business unveiled its Grid Explorer 2.0 platform, an interactive and advanced suite of digital visualization tools, at the 2014 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition. At the event, GE turned its show floor into a 3-D experience center, with 22 touchscreen kiosks showcasing solutions for the world’s most challenging power system applications.

Previously, engineers had to rely on physical assets, single-line drawings, and other abstract resources to learn and discuss complex power system-related concepts and solutions. Powered by an advanced gaming engine, GE’s new Grid Explorer visualization platform—which represents more than 10 years of investment and development focused on simplifying complex concepts—allows users to immerse themselves in a virtual 3-D power system that spans from the power plant to the power consumer.

“Through this technology, users can simulate a wide array of grid challenges and see their effects on grid efficiency and reliability. These simulations can range from unplanned outages and asset management of critical power equipment to the integration of distributed generation onto the grid,” Cargnelli continued. “Users then can identify and investigate a variety of solutions and the benefits of each to optimize their grid operations.”

Once a specific solution is identified, customers can get up close to the individual devices and solutions, interacting with them through a 3-D visual. From critical substation assets such as gas-insulated switchgears, transformers, circuit breakers and instrument transformers, to intelligent controls and communication network devices, customers can peel away and look inside the equipment. This tool gives them a unique view into how the solution works, how it maximizes equipment life and how to integrate smart controls onto the substation asset.

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