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OrecX and NICS Team to Simplify Recording

Voice recording solutions provider OrecX and communications interoperability company NICS have teamed up to provide utility and public safety organizations simplicity in communications recording. The RAVIN technology allows organizations to streamline communications recordings for regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and forensics filing.

RAVIN is a NICS product suite that provides interoperability between communication technologies, including OrecX technology to record voice conversations on phones, PCs, PDAs, two-way radios, PBX Systems, Emergency Notification Systems, IDEN and Satellite networks through only one device. Using OrecX, RAVIN logs the conversations in one place for neat, easy reference.

Utility and public safety organizations traditionally use separate recording boxes for each voice signal. With RAVIN, organizations can consolidate these resources and keep data central and accessible.

The solution is so comprehensive and unique that Pacific Gas and Electric recently implemented RAVIN into its communications channels. Other utility companies with direct applications for RAVIN include petrochemical producers, refineries, and gas and energy producers.

RAVIN solves communications interoperability problems, decreases communications costs, and introduces new communications capabilities by connecting users over IP networks with standards-based hardware and software. The OrecX system is a key suite to the wide range of capabilities included in RAVIN.

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