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NV Energy Uses Aclara Software for Web Site

The Aclara Software ENERGYprism application was recently incorporated into the redesigned website of NV Energy (formerly Nevada Power Co. and Sierra Pacific Power Co.) and is now helping up to 1.2 million residential and commercial customers of the utility understand their bills and how they use power.

The system lets customers analyze their bills to determine how much power they are using each month. It also provides an energy audit and will recommend specific steps, such as installing insulation or replacing a water heater, which the customer can take to increase energy efficiency. What’s more, the software will let the customer know how much electricity is being used for specific functions such as heating, cooling, lighting, and refrigeration.

NV Energy also is using Aclara web-based software that makes it easier for customer-service representatives to respond to inquiries. The ready availability of customer information provided by Aclara is expected to reduce the time it takes to resolve a problem.

Aclara hosts the ENERGYprism application for customers. Hosted solutions offer numerous benefits to customers including minimal up-front investment for hardware and software, rapid implementation, and zero ongoing maintenance costs. In addition, Aclara guarantees security, reliability and 99% uptime of its network.

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