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Meter Data Analytics Platform Supports Smart Grid Management

eMeter has revealed the newest version of its flagship product, eMeter EnergyIP, an energy information management platform. With the introduction of eMeter EnergyIP 7.5 and its new Analytics Foundation, the company continues to demonstrate improvements in smart grid data management for utilities that heighten energy information processing capabilities through meter data analytics software and applications.

Making the best even better, eMeter EnergyIP 7.5 improves upon the company's state of the art Meter Data Management (MDM) platform with new data collection and validation tools. Combined with out of the box integration with eMeter's Analytics Foundation, eMeter EnergyIP 7.5 provides utilities easy access and powerful insights to all data collected through Advanced Metering Information (AMI). eMeter's Analytics Foundation's capabilities enable utilities to analyze outages and events, monitor loads, gauge AMI health, and even protect revenue - as fast as the data is collected with zero impact to business critical operations. Additional applications made possible by the updated MDM platform allows utilities to offer improved service with better pre-payment options for customers, improved capabilities to identify network loss management, and provide enhanced customer service with access to real-time customer information for customer service representatives at utilities.

eMeter EnergyIP 7.5 will elevate eMeter's platform to the next level from a data collection and processing perspective with new Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) tools and event processing. The Analytics Foundation unlocks the data for utility business users in order to help them make the most sense out of the most mature data.

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