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KCP&L Launches Personalized, Intelligent Online Bill Analysis

Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L; Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.) launched a new section of its website, providing bill analysis capabilities that help customers proactively manage their energy costs.

The Home Energy Analyzer section of KCP&L's website provides personalized benchmarks of costs as compared with similar homes, causes of bill changes, hourly use analysis, examination of the energy costs of appliances, and what can be saved by managing how those appliances are used.

Nexus Energy Software was chosen to provide its ENERGYprism Web-based energy bill analysis software system as the basis for KCP&L's Home Energy Analyzer. ENERGYprism's bill analysis is based on advanced models that use bill history and interval meter data as well as weather and customer-provided information.

"Innovative efficiency and demand response programs are a major component of our Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP) to meet the region's future energy needs," explained John Marshall, senior vice president-delivery at KCP&L. "Partnering with customers to more effectively use electricity is paramount to Tier 1 customer service. Nexus has created tools that are user friendly, so we turned to them for this application."

"Our AccountLink online billing and payment tool is highly regarded by customers and the Nexus application is a natural extension of our e-services," continued Marshall. "When technology-savvy customers use KCP&L's Home Energy Analyzer, they better understand their energy usage, resulting in energy efficiency and a financial savings for them."

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