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Idaho Falls Power Selects Elster for AMI Smart Grid Project

Idaho Falls Power (City of Idaho Falls, Idaho) will deploy the Elster EnergyAxis Smart Grid solution as a key component of its Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project. The City of Idaho Falls City Council unanimously voted to select Elster to design its Smart Grid system, which will enable energy conservation for the utility and its customers.

The Idaho Falls Power deployment is part of the Department of Energy's $178 million Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project. Elster's EnergyAxis will automate Smart Meter data collection for Idaho Falls Power's electric customers, enabling faster demand response, improved load control, and voltage conservation. In addition, it is anticipated the utility's customers will benefit from flexible payment options and increased visibility into energy usage via an online portal in the near future.

With multi-technology capabilities and an open architecture, Elster's EnergyAxis solution will integrate with third-party Smart Grid technologies to create a powerful, comprehensive system for Idaho Falls.

Tropos Networks will provide a city-wide wireless communications system to be used as the backhaul system in support of Elster's AMI data. Primestone will provide a Meter Data Management (MDM) system to perform detailed analysis of energy usage information collected from every Elster AMI endpoint. Tendril will provide smart thermostats, in-home displays and load control switches. Exceleron will provide a prepay/customer web portal, and Thomas & Betts will provide fault circuit indicating sensors.

With a multi-technology, IP-based approach to Smart Grid deployments, Elster's Smart Meters and EnergyAxis solution provide key features for collecting and managing energy data for both residential and commercial customers.

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