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ESRI Releases Community Coder 9.1 with 2005/2010 Data Updates, New Integration into ArcGIS Platform

ESRI has announced the 2005 release of Community Coder 9.1, its fast, user-friendly geocoder. This customer profiling and data appending software assigns detailed information and location data to customer records, either individually or in batch mode. Companies, agencies, and organizations can use Community Coder to develop an accurate picture of current customers and prospects.

“Because the 9.1 version is the first release of Community Coder to integrate with ArcGIS, Community Coder has become a core component of our technology solutions,” says Lucy Guerra, Community Coder product manager, ESRI. “The integration of Community Coder with ArcGIS, our 2005/2010 demographic data, and segmentation from Community Tapestry creates the best geocoder available today.”

New features and functionalities in Community Coder 9.1 include

  • ESRI’s 2005/2010 demographic updates and forecasts Street geocoding data from Group 1 (vintage March 2005) with an optional upgrade to Tele Atlas street geocoding data (vintage March 2005)
  • Ability to access Community Coder project files through ModelBuilder in ArcGIS 9.1 Business Analyst
  • Ability to output standardized addresses
  • New input file options including shapefile and personal geodatabase
  • New output file types including XML
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