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ENAMC to Deploy Large Advanced Data Collection System in Algeria

Itron, Inc. has signed a contract with ENAMC (National Company of Measurement and Control Instruments), which is located in Algeria. Under this contract, the companies will deploy the large-scale, C&I advanced data collection system over the next 18 months to support the modernization of the electricity network and enable commercial and industrial clients to better manage their electricity consumption.

ENAMC, a subsidiary of Sonelgaz (the national company of electricity and gas, responsible for the whole generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and gas in Algeria), will use Itron smart metering technology at 58 distribution centers across the country. ENAMC will locally produce tens of thousands of meters. Itron will also supply the associated modems, and each center will be equipped with Itron’s data collection system and the IT servers required to run the system.

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