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ClickSoftware Partners with Infor to Enhance Scheduling of Mobile Workforces

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. has announced a partnership with Infor, a provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers. Through the strategic partnership, Infor will integrate its Infor10 EAM application with ClickSoftware to enable field service organizations with large, complex workforces to improve visibility, reduce costs and boost service levels by optimizing schedules while factoring in travel time, service level agreements, employee qualifications and accreditations, and parts availability.

The integrated application uses mobile capabilities to allow users to easily allocate resources that best fit specific work order tasks and adjust resource allocation based on live feedback from field service teams, boosting visibility and productivity.

Infor's partnership with ClickSoftware was established in response to increased demand for scheduling capabilities that can handle large personnel numbers, optimize complex crew availabilities, minimize schedule windows for specific assets or tools, and continually adjust to the demands of an internal and external workforce.

UK-based defense leader AWE (the Atomic Weapons Establishment) is the first company to deploy the integrated application, and plans to use the capabilities to reduce its carbon footprint and deliver productivity benefits across the business.

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