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Clarity Systems Partners with Arthur Lawrence to Automate Energy Industry Regulatory Reporting

Clarity Systems and Arthur Lawrence have agreed to jointly deliver the Clarity FSR eTariff Management Solution to energy-industry players across North America. Arthur Lawrence has developed a Clarity FSR eTariff implementation methodology and toolkit to expedite compliance with FERC(1) Order 714.

The two firms will work closely together to deploy a collaborative electronic tariff management solution at energy companies across North America. The solution improves the management of tariffs throughout their life cycle, including general tariff management, revisions, filings and research.

"Our analysis of current tariff management market solutions revealed most to be cumbersome and not user-friendly, unable to react quickly to the fluid regulatory environment that characterizes today's energy industry," said John Moser, chief executive officer, Arthur Lawrence Compliance. "Specifically, the demands on industry players to file all tariff information, tariff revisions, rate changes and all manner of new construction applications electronically, as required by the FERC effective April 1, 2010, generates a real opportunity for companies and power administrations to look for new solutions to automate these processes, and we believe that the Clarity FSR eTariff Management Solution is a step-change in that regard."

Clarity Systems and Arthur Lawrence have already started to improve the efficiency of tariff management, revisions, filings and research at select entities. By managing the complete tariff management lifecycle, control of the process is enhanced and risk of non-compliance reduced, given that the solution generates fully compliant filings, pre-validated and packaged to submit to the FERC with a few keystrokes. And the solution allows clients to quickly generate the status of a tariff at any point in time, regardless of the size of the documentation, whether it's five pages or five thousand pages. Tariffs can also be recreated based on a single date, and managed on a section or page basis, which allows users to prepare for a future rule change by establishing easily-amended baseline information today.

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