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City of Saguenay in Canada Selects Advanced Utility Systems

The City of Saguenay has selected Harris' Advanced Utility Systems’ CIS Infinity and Infinity.Link to replace its legacy customer information and utility billing solution.

Ranked seventh largest in Quebec by its 146,000 citizens, Saguenay is approximately twice the size of the island of Montreal. Located in the heart of three national parks, Saguenay is the biggest commercial hub of northeastern Quebec. The city’s Hydro-Jonquière supplies electricity to 20,000 customers located throughout the territory.

Approximately two years ago, the city’s IT department expressed shortcomings with the current billing system. The city was wholly dependent on a single specialist who was leaving the department for greater responsibilities elsewhere and the existing billing and customer information system would be rendered incompatible with planned infrastructure upgrades. This prompted the city to look at what was available on the market.

As Catherine Bergeron, division head of Customer Service for Hydro-Jonquière stated, "We met with various firms and looked at solutions used by other utilities within our regional utility association, AREQ. Pierre Grimard, director of Hydro-Magog, highly recommended CIS Infinity from Advanced Utility Systems. We were very pleased to hear that it was also now available in French. After a successful bid by tender, Advanced was selected as the superior choice.”

“To date, our implementation has been excellent; we are very pleased with not only the system and its capabilities, but also the depth of knowledge, skills and integrity of the Advanced implementation team. Our requirements for a system in French as well as a francophone implementation team were well met. We are very confident with our choice of a leading technological solution backed by a company we can trust.”

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