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BPL Global Unveils New Applications for Smart Grid

BPL Global, Ltd. has announced a new line of Smart Grid applications. Together with BPL Global's systems platform, these applications provide an opportunity for utilities to achieve a more powerful, reliable grid.

"Our Power SG platform is the strength of our system," said Jeff Tolnar, chief technology officer of BPL Global. "It provides a strong operating base that is flexible enough to interface with multiple disparate systems yet offers a consistent interface to the user over multiple locations on an unparalleled scale. The system is designed to interface with select BPL Global applications as well as those developed by other system developers or manufacturers."

BPL Global is developing a message-based systems platform and unique software applications to enable monitoring and control of distribution grid assets and broadband networks that reside on the grid. All of these will lead to significant improvements in the reduction of outages from extreme load conditions; the ability to more quickly respond to customer needs; and the capability to meet energy efficiency goals where it has been difficult or uneconomical to improve before.

The applications include:
- premise load management (residential and commercial).
-controlling edge devices to avoid high cost peak usage, protect assets by preventing extreme overload conditions and to meet "green energy" goals.
- demand response - providing electric utility customers with the tools to manage their energy purchases based on a variety of pricing options, usage patterns, energy cost, and interruptible load.
- spinning reserve replacement - replacing high cost spinning reserve assets or contracts instead of supplying them.
- Automated Meter Reading (AMR)latform by easily integrating with nearly any AMR system.

BPL Global forms joint ventures with utilities and Internet service providers, providing high-speed Internet services over power lines to consumers, while ensuring heightened reliability and efficiency of utility grids through with remote disconnect and theft detection - leveraging the Power SG pSmart Grid initiatives.

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