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Axial Vector Energy Corp. Announces First Smart Electric Grid Product

Axial Vector Energy Corp. has announced the development of a network appliance capable of intelligently controlling start up and shutdown of individual Bluetooth networked home appliances during peak rate hours. The Good Green Energy Genius Box also coordinates the selective start up and shutdown of local solar, wind and generator components, to optimize power generation credits, load balance and reduce peak rate demand on the public power grid. The Genius Box can be used as a central controller for stand alone, local micro power grids or as a smart controller to intelligently choose, on the fly, whether to use utility power, local power or less of each through selective appliance shutdown when every component is receiving utility generated power.

Each networked appliance can be configured inexpensively to report status and power consumption. Each local power generation sources, be it solar, wind or generator, can do the same. The Genius Box then weighs the cost of utility power, local power or the combination of the two with the need for running certain appliances. The Genius Box, which is expandable, extensible and easily upgraded, can be scaled to control a single home up to well over 5,000 network homes on a single micro grid.

The Genius Box can be used in a variety of venues, from residential to industrial to stand-alone, mobile, ad hoc emergency use after a natural disaster. It connects to your local area computer network while communicating with power grid components wirelessly. All of its functions are automated but can be manually overridden via a web application or iPhone application. Users can go to the website or use their iPhone to set their own criteria.

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