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AREVA Extends Collaboration with Microsoft

AREVA’s Transmission and Distribution (T&D) division has announced the extension of its 3-year long collaboration with Microsoft to include the development of Smarter Grid Management solutions to help the worldwide power industry efficiently and reliably fulfill the future global demand for power.

AREVA and Microsoft’s joint efforts have already led to the delivery of key capabilities to AREVA customers. Through this new agreement, both companies will work together toward improving cyber security and integration of AREVA’s applications with Microsoft Office tools and enterprise business processes, AREVA’s T&D division sees Microsoft technology as a strategic facilitator for the development and deployment of smart grid solutions.

New Smarter Grid capabilities will include the ability to manage distributed generation and a variety of renewable sources of energy. AREVA demonstrated an Integrated Distribution Management solution based on the Microsoft platform in major exhibitions in India and the USA (GridTech and DistribuTECH), earlier this year.

“The combination of AREVA and Microsoft technologies will help utilities address the need to better manage the growing around-the-clock global demand for energy,” said Brian Scott, vice president, Microsoft Worldwide Industry. “We share a vision of the innovation needed to create the smart energy ecosystem that will enhance both transmission and distribution grid management and improve operational efficiency across the utility value chain.”

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