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AEP Ohio Working to Reduce Customer Estimated Billings

Metadigm Services has announced a new project with AEP Ohio. The project’s two goals are to increase reading percentages with AMR, a one-way technology that allows the utility to capture readings by radio frequency from the meter, and also to reduce estimated billings for customers.

In addition to achieving these goals, installing one-way radio-frequency meters will reduce miles driven to read meters, supporting AEP’s Ohio’s ongoing commitment to safety and environmental protection.

To support AEP Ohio, Metadigm Services is creating a mobile logistics site as it moves across the state. Metadigm is also setting up a custom data warehouse that will provide daily meter reports.

AEP ranks among the nation’s largest electricity generators and owns the nation’s largest electricity distribution system. AEP Ohio, a subsidiary, provides power to more than 920 communities located in 61 of the Ohio’s 88 counties.

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