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Wall Street Journal, Bidgely Highlight Trends at Intersection of Energy and Digital Transformation

March 10, 2021
Latest article in series explores the data-driven, customer-centric mindset underway at progressive utilities.

In collaboration with Bidgely, the Wall Street Journal has published the next article in its newly released series that highlights the digital transformation advancing across the energy industry. With insights from Salesforce and J.D. Power, the article, Powering Innovation, covers how utilities can adopt digital strategies that enhance web and mobile experiences to improve customer satisfaction and engagement during an era of evolving customer needs.

The article discusses the cultural and organizational changes underway within utilities to break away from legacy practices and instead leverage data as a driver for business decisions. Insights and real-world examples from progressive energy providers Duke Energy and Portland General Electric also demonstrate how applying advanced analytics to smart meter data allows for meaningful, personalized interactions with customers based on individual preferences and lifestyles.

Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely, said: "There are some utilities that are far more advanced. They're taking their data and investing in an analytics platform. They're investing in personalized alerts to the customer. They're offering customers things that are relevant to them."

Comments from industry experts underscore the necessity of digital transformation for utility survival as consumers of all ages and demographics have come to expect personalized and convenient engagement through a variety of digital channels. Emphasizing the digital nature of consumer behavior across all industries, the article explains the energy industry's use of data analytics, which supports advanced customer profiling via energy disaggregation, to not only ensure customers' needs are met but also anticipate future products and services as those needs continue to change. It also notes an important digital transformation trend at utilities to develop leadership teams that encourage innovation, prioritize data-driven solutions, and advocate for a more sophisticated customer journey.

Read the Wall Street Journal Powering Innovation article here.

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