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Opower Launches New Digital Engagement Solution

Sept. 9, 2015
NextWeb offers flexibility in creating engaging web & mobile experiences for utility customers

Opower has announced NextWeb - an upgrade to its digital engagement solution - which gives utilities unprecedented flexibility in creating highly engaging, targeted web and mobile experiences for their customers.

With NextWeb, utilities can target customers with personalized and relevant content - such as bill analysis, energy use patterns and home energy audits - anywhere on their website in a highly customized fashion. The solution helps utilities increase the number of customer digital interactions, improve rates of self-service, and reduce the overall cost to serve each customer. NextWeb can also help utilities boost revenue through the adoption of new products and services and increased customer participation in programs like points and rewards.

“Working with Opower in the UK has helped us improve the web experience for our customers,” said Anthony Ainsworth, Marketing Director at E.ON UK. “With our Saving Energy Toolkit, we’re able to deliver information and advice that makes a real difference in helping our customers use and pay for no more energy than they need. Over a million customers have so far used our Saving Energy Toolkit and we’re very excited to be upgrading their experience with NextWeb.”

NextWeb allows utilities to deploy a more dynamic overall digital experience to their customers with far less stress on their internal IT organizations, and is built with responsive design to ensure a consistent user experience across browsers and devices. More than 85 utilities currently use Opower’s web solution to serve over 57 million households worldwide. Over time, all Opower Digital Engagement customers will be moved to NextWeb.

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