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CG to Pioneer the Manufacture of Smart Grid Devices

Jan. 23, 2014
Avantha Group Company CG launched its state-of-the-art smart grid facility at the Global Village, in Bangalore on Jan. 11 for full-fledged manufacturing of smart grid devices.

Avantha Group Company CG launched its state-of-the-art smart grid facility at the Global Village, in Bangalore on Jan. 11, for full-fledged manufacturing of smart grid devices. The facility will also support economic development, foster job creation and boost an understanding of smart grid solutions in the energy field.

The smart grid devices manufactured in this facility will offer several solutions to Indian utilities and Industries in the transmission and distribution segment and provide improvement in the electric grid to make it more efficient and reliable. CG has invested 80 million INR in this facility, which can employ more than 100 people. The facility will manufacture substation automation products, distribution automation devices, protection and control systems, advanced metering Infrastructure (AMI) and telecommunication solutions. It will also offer global engineering services such as systems integration, installation, and commissioning. The facility is fully equipped with modern equipment to ensure an annual production capacity of 10,000 units of power line carrier communication terminals (PLCC) and intelligent electronic devices (IED).

CG has the most comprehensive portfolio that provides specific solutions and products for each application, including systems that can evolve as the network evolves. CG’s solutions give timely and necessary information needed to implement automatic functions and allow maximum use of the grid at minimum cost. The real value-add of the smart grid concept over the conventional automation system is that smart grids are able to convert the data provided by installed devices into actions and decisions that are taken in real time to operate the network.

With more than 2 million CG smart meter complete solutions installed worldwide, CG is a well-established manufacturer in this field. CG’s smart grid devices are running successfully in the world's first major smart grid deployment at the Iberdrola STAR Project, Bilbao, Spain, where over 227,000 smart meters monitor the electricity services provided to the area’s 410,000 inhabitants. In the past year, CG has participated in no less than 10 AMI pilot projects in Europe, Asia, and America.

CG is already participating with many of these Smart Grid devices and services, in India’s first smart grid pilot project - the Pudhucherry Smart City project, which requires approximately 87,000 smart meters and a street light automation solution that will prove substantial savings to the Electricity Department of the Government of Pudhucherry (PED). CG’s Utility Distribution franchise that operates in Jalgaon efficiently manages the multiple data obtained from the intelligent devices installed at all voltage levels, enhancing the quality of service provided to the Utility’s end users and drastically reduces technical and non-technical losses.

Mr. Laurent Demortier, CEO

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