Sybase, DataFlux Partner to Strengthen Data Integration Suite

Aug. 8, 2007
Sybase, Inc. has partnered with DataFlux to bring data profiling and data quality tools to complement the Sybase Data Integration Suite.

Sybase, Inc. has partnered with DataFlux to bring data profiling and data quality tools to complement the Sybase Data Integration Suite. Through the partnership with DataFlux, Sybase customers will have the opportunity to improve the accuracy, relevance, and quality of their integrated data, as well as reduce operational cost and complexity by accelerating the design, development and delivery of seamless data flows.

"Data quality management is becoming increasingly important in data integration projects," said Tony Fisher, president and CEO of DataFlux. "We are excited to team with Sybase to help enterprises to derive more value from their information assets."

Intelligence systems for analytics, data warehouses and other critical business functions require data integration. The Sybase Data Integration Suite complements the performance of the Sybase IQ analytics server creating strong analytics architecture. Sybase Data Integration Suite streamlines data integration techniques into a single solution that reduces operational costs and complexity of integrating a heterogeneous data environment. Customers can choose their favorite techniques -- Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), replication, federation or event-based integration -- to build flexible data flows. With the modular suite, customers can start small with today's projects and scale to address the most serious integration challenge. Using smart, easy-to-use tools Sybase Data Integration Suite supports a powerful model-driven approach to data integration. DataFlux's SOA-enabled, high-performance data quality solution can provide the sophisticated data improvement qualities necessary to address the most demanding integration problems.

"Organizations still wrestle with the vital need to get high-quality data to the point-of-action. Integrating the diverse data needed for analytics, regulation compliance and other important applications remains largely an unrealized goal. That's why data integration is a key component of Sybase's Unwired Enterprise vision," said Kathleen Schaub, vice president, Information Products Group, Sybase.

DataFlux's data profiling software reduces the time and resources necessary to identify problematic data, and allows administrators and business analysts more control over the maintenance and management of enterprise data. With DataFlux's data quality technology, users can create business rules to correct, standardize and validate their data in order to provide an accurate picture of their organization's effectiveness.

The Sybase Data Integration Suite is a flexible and scalable solution that offers key data integration techniques including real-time replication, federation, ETL, real-time events and search with common tools for modeling, metadata management, development, and administration. The Suite's modular, easy-to-deploy architecture works across almost all database platforms and enables IT managers to introduce new data integration capabilities in an affordable, evolutionary way. The flexible modules immediately support tactical projects while also comfortably scaling to the most sophisticated, enterprise-wide integration programs.

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