Trimble Launches Online Rover Tracking Service for VRS Now Subscribers

July 9, 2009
Trimble has launched Trimble VRS-iScope service in the U.S.

Trimble has launched VRS-iScope service in the United States. The add-on service offers Trimble VRS Now subscribers in Florida, Iowa, Illinois and Colorado the ability to track and manage their assets in real time, as well as view their session history and rover information.

The Trimble VRS Now service supplies fast, easy to use and accurate Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) correction data for a variety of applications including surveying, urban planning, construction, agriculture, asset management, transportation, environmental monitoring, resource and territory management, disaster prevention and relief, weather services and scientific research.

The Trimble VRS-iScope service provides subscribers real-time access to a rover receiver's exact location anywhere in the network. Using Google Maps, Trimble VRS-iScope simplifies project scheduling and asset management by giving a visual component to surveying, mapping, construction and agriculture projects. A session management tool allows network users to visually review their session trail on a map as well as manage their subscription usage. The secure sign-on provides project managers and their staff the ability to monitor assets and their network usage on demand, remotely and from any project site.

Trimble VRS-iScope represents an advance in the VRS correction data service offerings. All that is needed is a subscription to Trimble VRS Now and VRS-iScope, a rover, and a mobile phone with access to the Internet to begin measuring or collecting data with Trimble-precision and to monitor rovers in the field. Monitoring rovers can result in significant time and cost savings by allowing organizations to know the locations of their crews. Now, managers can dispatch crews more effectively to help increase productivity and efficiency. It also offers ways to review past surveys and improve methodologies going forward.

Precision GNSS surveys and data collection projects can be up and running in minutes with Trimble VRS Now service. Without the need for a base station and associated hardware, the user's GNSS receivers can now work independently as rovers--saving time and money. Surveyors and other users can switch on their receivers and real-time correction data will be available in seconds. In most cases, no further GNSS investment is necessary. Trimble VRS Now works with many GNSS survey instruments from a variety of manufacturers.

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