Site Controls Customers Reduced Peak Consumption by 38% During ERCOT Power Emergency

May 23, 2006
Site Controls has announced the aggregate results of its load-shedding efforts during the record-setting heat of April 18, 2006

Site Controls has announced the aggregate results of its load-shedding efforts during the record-setting heat of April 18, 2006.

In live customer sites across the state, Site Controls' intelligent load management capabilities reduced peak load by 38% during the emergency curtailment requested by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). The impressive reduction in load was achieved at customers' sites without altering any lights or other electrical systems, with the exception of HVACs. Demonstrating the real-time control that Site Controls' customers have over their energy assets, the energy information system shed over 30% of the load in only one hour alone.

"Leading retailers, restaurants and convenience stores use Site Controls systems to remotely view and control energy and business-critical assets across their entire chain in real time," said Mike Frost, chief executive officer of Site Controls. "In addition to ongoing optimization and energy savings, the system enables companies to significantly reduce usage during critical peak times without impacting the shopping or dining experience."

Site Controls' energy information system is an open and extensible platform that provides real-time visibility and control over thousands of assets and sites--all through standard browsers or PDAs. The standard energy management application alone generates enough monthly energy savings to completely pay for the platform implementation in 18 to 24 months. Customers can create additional ongoing savings or improve business efficiency through options like intelligent demand control ventilation, preventative maintenance alerts for assets like HVACs and pumps, or custom monitoring of business-critical assets. For energy emergencies, the intelligent load management option provides the completely unique ability to rapidly reduce peak usage without impacting the user experience or requiring any on-site generators.

"We would like to commend our customers for quickly and voluntarily reducing their peak load and the associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions," continued Frost. "If every retail, restaurant and convenience store in Texas shed load in the same manner as our customers, a single hour of conservation would provide the same reduction in air pollution as taking 640 cars off the road for an entire year."

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