Rajeev Kumar Chauhan

Rajeev Kumar Chauhan graduated in electrical engineering from IIT Roorkee, India. He serves as director (projects) for POWERGRID. He has been instrumental in the design and development of the national grid, planning and establishing high-capacity corridors for facilitating open access to generation and green energy corridors for the integration of renewable energy. Chauhan played a vital role in the development of HVDC projects in India, which includes an ±800-kV, 6000-MW NER-Agra HVDC multiterminal project, ±800-kV, 3000-MW Champa-Kurukshetra HVDC Bipole -1 project, ±800-kV, 6000-MW HVDC converters from Raigarh to Pugalur project, and ±320-kV, two 1000-MW Pugalur-Trichur project, which is the first voltage sourced converter-based HVDC project in India involving a combination of HVDC cross-linked polyethylene underground cables and overhead lines. As an HVDC expert, he has authored many technical papers. Currently, he is chairman of the CIGRE NSC B4 Committee for HVDC and power electronics and chairman of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) ETD 40 group.