René Peter Paul Smeets

Service Area Leader

René Peter Paul Smeets is innovation specialist at KEMA Labs. He received a PhD for research work on switchgear in 1987. Until 1995, he was an assistant professor at Eindhoven University, Netherlands. During 1991, he worked with Toshiba Corp. in Japan. In 1995, he joined KEMA, the Netherlands. In 2001, he was appointed part-time professor at Eindhoven University, the Netherlands. In 2013, he became adjunct professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. Dr. Smeets has leading positions in CIGRE, IEC, and is a fellow of IEEE and chairman of the Current Zero Club, a scientific study committee on current interruption. He published and edited three books and authored more than 300 international papers on testing and switching in power systems. He received eight international awards.