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Southern Company Electric Vehicle Survey

How does EPRI propose to see and portray the PEV world from the driver’s seat, and what will it do with the data and insights gained? EPRI is implementing surveys to elicit consumer perceptions, expectations, and intentions about PEVs. EPRI worked with its Electric Transportation Program Members to develop a survey instrument that addresses key PEV readiness issues such as: charging location and pricing preferences, vehicle cost, and social influences. The survey also collects demographic data to construct associations between these factors and consumer characteristics.

The survey was first implemented in 2009 by EPRI and Southern California Edison. The results informed survey refinements that were implemented in other areas and markets. One of the markets surveyed in the summer of 2010 was Southern Company. The results of that administration and analysis of the survey data are summarized herein.

EPRI is using the data to help Southern Company better understand how consumers perceive the PEV ownership experience, begin developing preliminary forecasts of PEV adoption (Figure 1), evaluate the effect of alternative influences on PEV adoption (Figure 2), and identify the corresponding infrastructure and charging needs. EPRI and Southern Company believe that the survey findings will be useful to others that have a stake in the rate and character of PEV adoption and offer the research synthesis that follows in the spirit of collaboration..(Read more...).

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