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SGIP Announces Ratification of OpenFMB by NAESB

SGIP Announces Ratification of OpenFMB by NAESB

OpenFMB is now a NAESB standard “model business practice to support OpenFMB architecture”

The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel has announced that the Open Field Message Bus (OpenFMB) was ratified as a standard through a NAESB Retail Market Quadrant member vote on Monday, March 7, 2016.

OpenFMB provides a specification for power systems field devices to leverage a non-proprietary and standards-based reference architecture to reduce implementation complexity and integration costs. OpenFMB achieves this by enabling communication between distributed intelligent nodes through loosely coupled, peer-to-peer messaging at the grid edge. Through a scalable publish-subscribe architecture, OpenFMB applications interact with each other and with adapters to existing end devices.

“We are pleased that through the hard work of the OpenFMB working committee this milestone has been met -- taking OpenFMB beyond a collective work to a standard,” said Aaron Smallwood, Director of Technology Operations at SGIP. “We will continue moving forward and build upon our successful demonstrations and now ratified NAESB standard to apply OpenFMB™ to more use cases and broader applications.”

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