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DC Commission Releases Staff Proposed Order on Grid Modernization

Aug. 7, 2019
The commission’s Staff Proposed Order addresses grid modernization recommendations in detail and is available for public comment.

The District of Columbia Public Service Commission (DC Commission) recently released a Staff Proposed Order that addresses the recommendations in detail from the final report submitted by the MEDSIS (Modernizing the Energy Delivery System for Increased Sustainability) Stakeholder Working Group. The Staff Proposed Order also describes the next phases of grid modernization as Power Path DC.

The Staff Proposed Order highlights the most substantial outcomes from the working group report such as:

  • Implementation of a new, more open, and transparent distribution system planning process aimed at collaborative system planning in the district;
  • Establishing a website to host competitive energy supplier offers as well as energy education material to aid customers in evaluating energy offers and switching to competitive energy suppliers;
  • Expansion of Green Button Connect My Data to residential customers in the district;
  • Creation of secured utility web portals to enhance third-party data access to utility information;
  • Formation of a governance board to oversee the submission and selection of the US$21.55 million Pilot Projects Program; and
  • Proposing definitions for "non-wire alternatives" and "smart inverters" for comment.

"By releasing the Staff Proposed Order, the commission continues to make this one of the most open and transparent stakeholder processes in our history," stated Chairman Willie L. Phillips. "We're committed to ensuring that our efforts are in alignment with the energy needs of district customers, the city's efforts to address climate change, and our public climate commitments. We also thank the 240 participants in the Stakeholder Working Group over the past year, and applaud our staff for designing a microsite where grid modernization efforts can live as we transition to Power Path DC."

Given the significant interest in this proceeding, the commission is accepting public comment by all interested persons on the Staff Proposed Order before reaching a final decision. Interested persons have 45 days and 15 days to file initial and reply comments, respectively. The commission will consider the Staff Proposed Order and comments received before issuing its decision. The release of the Staff Proposed Order does not establish any precedent and does not necessarily represent the commission’s final conclusion.

Those interested in submitting comments on the Staff Proposed Order should file their comments in the Formal Case No. 1130 docket through the commission website.

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