March 2013 Hurricane Sandy Supplement Sponsors

March 6, 2013
In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, we sent more than 50 technicians to work with our petroleum partners, helping to restore fuel access to customer in the Northeast. Shermco was called on to identify potential water damage areas along critical fuel paths. ...

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, we sent more than 50 technicians to work with our petroleum partners, helping to restore fuel access to customer in the Northeast. Shermco was called on to identify potential water damage areas along critical fuel paths. Perform electrical testing and assist local vendors and contractors in restoring power safely and quickly.

ACRT's Immediate Response Team: READY FORCE:

ACRT's immediate response team — Ready Force — supports utilities facing a variety of emergency scenarios, one of which is storm restoration. We worked closely with utilities affected by Hurricane Sandy by mobilizing personnel nationwide to perform damage assessments, evaluate circuits and substations, maintain customer communications, and more. These team members helped utilities successfully manage workloads, streamline resources, and ultimately restore power. Ready Force Website

Clearion Software:

Clearion Software is a leading provider of utility field operations, maintenance, and damage assessment solutions with over 40 utilities using our applications every business day. Clearion Software Website

CN Utility Consulting:

CN Utility Consulting is a consulting and operations team with expertise in utility vegetation management (UVM) laws, regulations and best practices. We offer utility arborists/foresters, industry analysis, benchmarking, program/compliance reviews, expert witness testimony, software, LIDAR, QA/QC, and turn-key UVM operations to improve UVM programs for transmission and distribution systems. CN Utility Consulting Website

Cooper Power Systems

Cooper Power Systems provides world-class power delivery apparatus and solutions for the utility, commercial, and industrial markets, and maintains a complete portfolio of products and services required to transform, protect, connect, and build out an electric power system backbone. We offer 24-hour emergency response for customers facing major system interruptions. Cooper Power Systems Website

Emergency Preparedness Partnerships:

Emergency Preparedness Partnerships – Utility restoration and emergency preparedness plan development, drills / exercises, and training (including eLearning). Our team has real-world utility experience which ensures no-nonsense solutions to fit your specific needs. Visit us online at or call us at (609)704-0266. Emergency Preparedness Partnerships Website

G&W Electric:

G&W Electric supplies switchgear, reclosers, and cable accessories to the major utilities affected by Hurricane Sandy. During and after the storm, G&W had their 24-hour emergency contact service manned and ready. G&W had few calls to respond to, due to the rugged and submersible construction built-in to all G&W Electric’s underground products. G&W Electric Website


When hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast Hastings Fiber Glass Products kicked into over-drive to help. Dedicated employees, including CEO Larry Baum and President Dave Baum, worked around the clock to get equipment produced and shipped in an effort to get the power restored. “Our employees really care about the business and our customers. It’s amazing to see how your products can have such an impact in a community,” said Larry Baum. Hastings Website

HD Electric Company:

As mutual aid assistance crews were called to the East coast, HD Electric shipped V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors next day air to hotels and local service centers where the crews would gather each morning. Many crews weren’t allowed to even leave their hotel rooms until their V-Watch had arrived.

HD Electric Company Website

HD Supply Power Solutions:

HD Supply Power Solutions worked to meet our customers¹ needs in the pre- and post- storm planning and restoration for Hurricane Sandy. With careful pre-planning and execution, we helped customers avoid devastating delays in supplies, offered customized storm kits and activated a nationwide network of warehouses to source and deliver needed supplies quickly and efficiently to the restoration teams working round the clock to get the power back on. HD Supply Power Solutions Website

Henkels & McCoy:

Approximately 500 personnel from Henkels & McCoy’s East and Central Regions were dispatched to restore power for multiple utilities across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York, and West Virginia. Their effort involved deployment of 352 pieces of equipment, including aerial lift devices, digger derricks, pole trailers, backyard machines, dozers, dump trucks, and boom trucks. Henkels & McCoy Website

Hubbell Incorporated:

When Superstorm Sandy ravaged the Northeast, Hubbell Power Systems took action. Prior to Sandy making landfall, HPS ramped up production of critical items and worked around-the-clock to fulfill orders: delivering over 3.8 million products to 16 states. Additionally, we continued to fulfill all other orders with the same exceptional customer service. Hubbell Website

IFD Corporation:

The IFD™ sensor gives line crews reliable trouble shooting information on pole mounted and pad mounted transformers, and voltage regulators. With the easy to see fault / no fault indication your line crews will restore power both faster, and safer. For more information visit: IFD Corporation Website.

Lewis Tree Service, Inc.:

In response to Hurricane Sandy, Lewis Tree Service deployed 1,127 crews who logged over 510,000 man-hours in support of 27 customers in 11 states while sustaining zero injuries. Super Storm. Super Response. Lewis Tree Service – Job Done Right. Lewis Tree Service, Inc. Website

Michels Power:

Michels Power (Neenah, WI) a division of Michels Corporation, headquartered in Brownsville, WI. sent 249 crew members and more than 200 pieces of equipment to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey in the days immediately before and after Hurricane Sandy’s strike. Michels Power Website


Electrical contractors who work with skilled linemen, electricians, technicians & field supervisors are represented by the NECA-IBEW Team/NLMCC – Your Electrical Solution. These problem-solvers bring the knowledge, experience, skills & abilities to your routine & emergency work -- & get it done in a professional manner. Learn more at NECA-IBEW Team/NLMCC Website

New South Access & Environmental Solutions:

New South Access & Environmental Solutions provides the best solutions for utility companies to access transmission lines and towers to restore power as quickly as possible to their customers after natural disasters. We are fiercely committed to providing faster, safer & the most cost effective access solutions. New South Access & Environmental Solutions Website

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc.:

By the time Sandy made landfall, hundreds of Osmose personnel were in place to aid in the restoration process for ten utilities across eight states. Advanced planning and partnerships ensured our skilled, experienced damage assessors hit the ground running quickly and safely. Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. Website

Quanta Services:

Quanta Services deployed more than 600 crews from as far away as California and the Pacific Northwest, including Canada, to nine states for 12 utility customers to restore electrical infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Crews included storm assessors, substation support and transmission and distribution personnel. Quanta Services Website

S & C Electric Company:

S & C Electric Co, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is applying its heritage of innovation to address challenges facing the world’s power grids and thus shaping the future of reliable electricity delivery. The mission of employee-owned S&C is to continually develop new solutions for electricity delivery, fostering the improved efficiency and reliability required for the intelligent grid. S & C Electric Company Website

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.:

SEL knows that rapid response is critical during times of distress. It’s why they offered a 30 percent discount, expedited delivery schedules, and technical support for all customers affected by Hurricane Sandy. SEL also made a $100,000 donation to the American Red Cross to help in the relief effort. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. Website

Shermco Industries:

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, we sent more than 50 technicians to work with our petroleum partners, helping to restore fuel access to customer in the Northeast. Shermco was called on to identify potential water damage areas along critical fuel paths. Perform electrical testing and assist local vendors and contractors in restoring power safely and quickly.

Shermco Industries Website

Thomas & Betts:

Thomas & Betts is committed to the utility industry, providing the products and services our customers rely on during even the most difficult times. T&B is the only manufacturer to offer, through our portfolio of quality brands, the complete solution - reliability efficiency and compatibility - that you trust. Thomas & Betts Website


Telogis provides a cloud-based enterprise software platform that transforms the way businesses optimize their mobile assets and critical data. The Telogis platform is about delivering mission-critical, actionable information and sets the standard for global location intelligence. Telogis continues to build its list of world-class enterprise customers by providing exceptional products and service. Telogis Website

Townsend Corporation:

The Townsend Corporation is a leading service provider to the energy, industrial and defense industries. The company’s core businesses include vegetation management services, line clearing and herbicide application services for electric utilities, pipeline companies and roadways; power line and substation construction for the energy industry; in-plant construction and electrical maintenance services; custom blended herbicide services; and emergency storm restoration services. Townsend Corporation Website

Wright Tree Service:

Wright Tree Service, celebrating its 80th year in 2013, is an employee owned company offering the entire package of vegetation management services, including utility line clearance, right-of-way mowing, land clearing, herbicide application, storm response, e-planning solutions and substation restoration and maintenance. Wright Tree Service Website

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