SSEN, EA Technology Sign 10-Year Asset Management Agreement

June 9, 2021
EA Technology's solution to provide SSEN with the latest tools in asset management and investment decision support.

EA Technology, a provider of software, consultancy, and technical services to Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), recently announced a 10-year agreement to provide SSEN with its asset investment management software solution, EA Technology | Invest. SSEN is the first company to adopt this new web-based software, providing the company with the latest tools in asset management and investment decision support.

The agreement cements the relationship for the ongoing development of the solution to SSEN and coincides with the business-wide rollout of EA Technology’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) application with a new, modern user interface. These enhancements deliver improved visibility and accessibility of asset information across the business, informing investment decision-making to increase reliability and reduce costs, giving real benefits to SSEN and its customers.

The 10-year agreement is testament to the excellent working relationship shared between SSEN and EA Technology. EA Technology has provided its asset investment management solution since 2015 and has worked closely with SSEN and other U.K. distribution network operators to develop and implement the Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM). This has culminated in the full integration of EA Technology | Invest software solution into SSEN asset management systems.

EA Technology's Invest solution is a structured process that combines asset information, engineering knowledge, and practical experience to:

  • Understand health and risk of system infrastructure
  • Predict asset behaviors into the future
  • Prioritize, optimize, plan, and track investments

Landel C Johnston, SSEN's RIIO-ED2 CBRM lead and system integrations manager, said: "We have worked with EA Technology's core specialist staff in developing a robust condition-based risk management toolset. We now have the predictive modeling capability to best manage our network assets using our field-collected observed and measured conditions to ensure we can make justified future investment plans by making the correct intervention at the right time. We are confident that this long-term contract will allow SSEN to lead in its decision-making for the future of our networks using EA's Invest solution and we are delighted to be the first company to be using this software."

Asset management and replacement decisions need to deliver the very best returns for businesses and the customers they serve. This relies on access to accurate, up-to-date information and the application of robust and reliable transparent methods. Through this agreement, EA Technology will provide SSEN with all of the tools needed to develop well-justified investment plans for the next 10 years and beyond.

Dave A. Roberts, EA Technology's commercial director, said: "We are delighted that SSEN entrusts us to continue providing this important service into 2031. A 10-year commitment shows great faith in the ongoing benefits our Invest software brings. We are very proud of our Invest solution and very much look forward to continuing the journey toward truly optimized network investment decision-making."

Invest represents the third generation in EA Technology's history of risk-based asset performance and investment management software. It delivers enterprise-level access to asset condition and risk data, using map views, dashboards, and data analytics to enhance the user experience and increase accessibility. Invest forms part of EA Technology's Visea suite of web-based software solutions with a common look and feel, all aimed at delivering insights into electrical networks for their owners and operators.

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