Opower Demand Response Delivers Strong Results for Utilities

Jan. 14, 2016
Utilities realize 3-5% average peak reduction across 29 events

Opower has announced new results from a series of Behavioral Demand Response implementations at utilities across North America. Working with its utility partners, Opower deployed over 12 million personalized communications across 29 demand response events, delivering 3% average peak reduction and over 5% savings for programs employing peak time rebates.

Opower’s BDR solution uses AMI data, proprietary analytics, behavioral science, and highly personalized communication to drive measurable peak reduction at scale without requiring costly devices in the home. Utilities including BG&E, ComEd, DTE Energy, Consumers Energy, and PG&E -- as well as Hydro Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, Opower’s first BDR implementation outside the United States -- partnered with Opower to deliver reliable and consistent savings during times of peak demand. In total, Opower reduced enough peak demand to keep 6 expensive peaker plants offline.

"Our third year of consistent results prove that BDR is an effective solution for utilities to meet their peak management needs," said Opower CEO Dan Yates. "As utilities face evolving load profiles driven by the introduction of solar and other forms of distributed generation, BDR empowers utilities with a flexible, scalable solution to address their needs now and into the future."

Opower’s BDR software transforms utilities’ approach to peak demand management, driving world-class results at a fraction of the cost. By converting smart grid data into real-time personalized energy insights, BDR produces reliable territory-wide peak load reduction; increases customer satisfaction; and amplifies energy efficiency, dynamic pricing, and direct load control programs.

In addition to delivering substantial peak savings at scale, Opower’s BDR program also won over customers. Most summer peak events saw customer participation levels between 70-90%, with similarly high levels of customer satisfaction reported.

"Hydro Ottawa was the first Canadian utility to use BDR to engage our customers to collectively reduce peak electricity demand, and I'm glad to say the results this summer were very strong," said Hydro Ottawa CEO Bryce Conrad. "It's incredible to see a totally software-based solution deliver tangible benefits to both our customers and the power system that serves them."

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