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RWW Restoration Offers Fiberglass Refinishing Services

June 11, 2011 -- With more than 45 years of experience, RWW Restoration refinishes and tests fiberglass to make sure tools meet industry safety standards. The company restores any fiberglass tool, from hotsticks and ladders, to platforms and pole mount hot arms at about half the cost of purchasing a new tool.

RWW Restoration understands that fiberglass tools are an investment, and it is the company's mission to protect that investment while improving its customers' bottom line.

RWW Restoration offers:

• Restoration of any utility fiberglass tool
• Replacement parts
• Fiberglass safety testing and certification
• Custom paint colors
• Custom tool stamping
• Bulk order shipping discounts

“Our specialized process restores your fiberglass tool so it looks new,” said owner Bob Welsch. “We have taken an entire trailer filled with tools and restored them so they can be back in use in the field.”

Each fiberglass tool is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, tested, sanded, repaired, prepped and refinished with two coats of color and one coat of clear before it is retested and reassembled. The tool is affixed with a certified OSHA #1910.269 label before being shipped back to customers in the company's specially-designed boxes that can be reused for your next restoration project.

Bob Welsch
Phone: 773-551-7702


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