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Lagniappe!!! - Friends & Colleagues

Sure, we all tell the boss we want to go to the T&D Expo for education, see new technology, and gain hands-on experience with the equipment. Of course that is true, but there is more. As they say in New Orleans it is lagniappe (something extra). Did I get that right Uncle Vito (he is bound to twitter when he sees me trying to use the vernacular).

I was talking with my friend John McDonald (past President PES) last week. We were discussing some smart grid technologies and the utilities using them (BTW - don't be late for his Smart Grid Day opening presentation). Somehow we got off the subject and ended up talking about the great PES General Meeting was last summer in Calgary. We have both been heavily involved in volunteering in the operations of the PES over the years. We really look forward to seeing old friends at these meetings. We all keep in touch through e-mail and phone calls, but it is great to see each other over a cup of coffee. The people are really the most important aspect of our organization. Thanks to PES I have expert friends that I can call and ask any question. They may shake their heads, but they always answer the question. That is lagniappe in its best sense!

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