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Fun Factor

Fun Factor

I have been looking at my photo files from past PES T&D Expos, which brought back a flood of memories. There are a lot of reasons to go to the Expo and I have probably written about most of them, but there is one aspect I think you just can't mention enough. The fun factor!

Over the years I have had one heck of a lot of fun. There have been barbeques in Big "D", riding a Mardi Gras float in NOLA, walking through a German U-Boat in Chicago, and having the run of a whole museum dedicated to Coca-Cola in Atlanta. I always look forward to what I will find on the exhibition floor too. Our exhibitors like to have fun too.

Have you ever tried the grab for cash? That is pretty cool. How about riding a motorcycle? It seems like each year something new is added to make the experience enjoyable. After all, you learn a lot more if you are having fun too. What memories have you brought away from the Expo? Let me know.

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